Wacana Ilmu KALAM ; 3

Assalamua’laikum and a very good day people!

Welcome to UTM to the new students and welcome back to the current students! Hope this semester will bring forth many blessing from Allah the Al Mighty and our life be smooth sailing with lots of adventurous events and fun things  to explore.

Wacana Ilmu KALAM series is now back with the new coming semester. Since this is a new semester and a new phase of life for some (esp the 1st years), the title this time is sort of an introduction; ‘Malaysian Traditional Architecture’ . The talk will be delivered by Elham Hosseini based on her research on this topic.

So bring your friends, family or roommates to Wacana Ilmu KALAM – third series.

You can also click ‘ I’m attending’ in our Facebook event to show your support!


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