(5 – 7 NOVEMBER 2012)



5 November 2012 (MONDAY)

7.45 am:              Arrival of participant and registration

8.00 am:              Arrival of Key Note Speaker and guest

8.30 am:              Arrival of Y Bhg Prof Dr Azrai (TNCPI)

National Anthem

Doa Recital

9.00 am:              Speech by the Chairman

9.15 am:              Opening speech by TNCPI

9.30 am:              Souvenir presentation

Launching Gimmick

9.40 am:              Visit to the exhibition gallery


10.00 am:         Breakfast


Moderator:        Dr Alice Sabrina Ismail

10.30 am:           Key Note Speaker 1: Prof Dr Amer Rghei

11.30 am:           Key Note Speaker 2: Prof Jason Pomeroy

12.30 am:           Question and Answer

Souvenir presentation


1.30pm:             Lunch Break


2.30 pm:              Key Note Speaker 3: Ar Laurence Loh

3.30 pm:              Question and Answer

Souvenir presentation


4.00 pm:            Tea Break


Moderator:        Dr Bagoes Wiryomartono

4.20 pm:              Speaker 1: Agung Murti Nugroho (Malang, Indonesia)

4.40 pm:              Speaker 2: Joshua Olorunkiya (UoA, New Zealand)

5.00 pm:              Speaker 3: Ab Aziz shuaib (UMK, Malaysia)

5.20 pm:              Question and answer

5.40 pm:            End of  First Session



BBQ DINNER AT FACULTY SQUARE for keynote speakers, participant, presenter and secretariat at Faculty Square


8.15 pm:              Arrival of guest

8.30 pm:              Dinner


10.30 pm:         End of Second Session


6 November 2012 (Tuesday)

7.45 am:              Arrival of participant

8.00 am:              Registration



Moderator: PM Dr Syed Ahmad Iskandar Syed Ariffin 

8.30 am:              Speaker 4: Lim Yaik Wah(UTM, Malaysia)

8.50 am:              Speaker 5: Nafiseh Sarirafraz (UTM, Malaysia)

9.10 am:              Speaker 6: Tareq G Farea (UTM, Malaysia)


9.30 am:              Question and answer

9.45 am:            Breakfast


10.00 am:           Speaker 7: Religiana Hendarti (NUS, Singapore)

10.20 am:           Speaker 8: Narciss Karimi (UTM, Skudai)

10.40 am:           Speaker 9: Nurdiyana Zainal Abidin (UTM, Malaysia)


11.00 am:           Question and answer

11.20 am:           Speaker 10: Gurupiah Mursib (UTM, Malaysia)

11.40 am:           Speaker 11: Alice Sabrina Ismail (UTM, Malaysia)

12.00 pm:           Speaker 12: Subhan Ramdlani (Malang, Indonesia)

12.20 pm:           Speaker 13: Wan Hashimah Wan Ismail (UTM, Malaysia)


12.40 pm:           Question and Answer

1.00 pm:            Lunch


Moderator: Dr Tareef Hayat Khan

2.00 pm:              Speaker 14:  Elina Mohd Husaini (UTM, Malaysia)

2.20 pm:              Speaker 15: Aminatuzuhariah Megat Abdullah (UTM, Malaysia)

2.40 pm:              Speaker 16: PC Ling (UTM, Malaysia)

3.00 pm:              Speaker 17: Farhana Mohd Razif (UTM, Malaysia)

3.20 pm:              Speaker 18: Fa’izah Mohammed Bashir (UTM, Malaysia)

3.40 pm:              Speaker 19: Mohd Yunus Embok Mosik (UTM, Malaysia)

4.00 pm:              Speaker 20: Lim Yaik Wah (UTM, Malaysia)


4.20 pm:             Question and Answer

4.40 pm:              Closing  Session

5.00 pm:            Tea Break



End of  Third Session



7 November 2012 (Wednesday)

7.45 am:              Arrival of participant

8.00 am:              Registration


8.15 am:            Breakfast


8.30 am:              Depart to Glulam Gallery

12.00 pm:         Lunch and solat at Jusco Bukit Indah

2.00 pm:              Visit to Leisure Farm Development

6.00 pm:              Back to UTM

7.00 pm:            End of Programme

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