Artifact Care Workshop with students of Fairways International School

On the 17th May, KALAM had organized a small workshop for our young attendees from Fairways International School, Johor. Accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Leanne Chen, a group of 5 students from grade 5 had an assignment to ‘work’ in any sector that gives social service. Brendon Antony, Qayyim Nasri Nar Bahador, Chloe Tinel, Taimour Albaalla and NQ Amimie had a chance to learn about traditional tools for making houses such as ‘ketam kayu’, chisel and so on from KALAM’s artifact collection while helping KALAM to care and label the artifacts. They have also learned about the importance of traditional architecture for younger generation such as themselves eventhough they have different nationality and races.  By observing the ‘antique’ tools and learning how people of the past strive to built a house, one can see that the conveniences we experience today started from adversity of the past. May the future generation carry on the wisdom of the past.


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